About us

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

It gives us immense pleasure and privilege to invite you to our series of interactive sessions, live conferences and case presentations on “Biz Bize Pediatri” television that is arranged by the Department of Child Health and Disease at Faculty of Medicine/Istinye University.

The aim is to address issues of our daily practice, challenges and experiences in pediatrics and improve the quality of care of our patients and provide updated knowledge and experience from key leaders of paediatrics all over the world.

The program includes a full spectrum of presentations from expertise, basic research and tertiary care issues in a more general paediatrics setting.

We are quite sure that your valuable contribution and attendance will enrich the program and enlight the way for our dear younger generations to lead a successful carreer in the very near future gaining the experiences in running sessions as well as treating their patients.

Prof. Dr. Ozan ÖZKAYA

Professor of Pediatrics, Nephrologist & Rheumatologist,

Head of Department of Pediatrics/Pediatric Nephrology/Pediatric Rheumatology,

Senior Physician in Organ Transplantation Center,

Medical Director Liv Bahçeşehir Hospital

Prof. Dr. Nurdan Uraş

Professor of Pediatrics, Neonatology ,

Department of Pediatrics/Neonatology